ArtthedudeboulderlogokeepdsmGlad you stopped by. We will be adding more dates, merchandise, music, videos, photos as we progress.

As a listener/connoisseur of music, I am like most folks … I dig a variety of styles.
As a songwriter I am different than most of my contemporaries who create in a specific genre. Songs are inside me waiting to be come out and be shared. They enter the world as rock, blues, country, folk, pop or whatever I am feeling at the time.  That probably isn’t the best concept from a marketing standpoint where demographics and market penetration are key, but it is who I am. My music reflects that. I write in the styles that I like. I hope you like it, too.
Keep rockin’, bluesin’ and countryin’ Art the dudeATD beansbottlebouldersm

More coming soon, so stay tuned … like my guitar.
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