Art the dude.

sunsetpicAt the tender age of 5, my daddy placed a harmonica in my mouth and said: “breathe son.” From then on I got sucked into playing what I consider the world’s most perfect instrument.
I come from a family of musicians. My father. “Woody” played boogie-woogie and honky tonk piano as a young man, catching the ear and eye of the great Boots Randolph, who hired himinto his band for local gigs around Evansville, Indiana. My mom, Joyce, “Jo” a wonderful poet, songwriter and lyricist, also was a great source of inspiration. My brothers are gifted guitarists and my sisters all sing. Being the youngest of 7 siblings, all that music in our house had a profound affect on me.

atdlivetinmanboulderckwebOn my 6th birthday, my dear Aunt Dorothy gave me a plastic guitar. I wasn’t very impressed with the “toy” guitar seeing the “real” electric and acoustic guitars laying around the house; but when older brother, Lenny showed me an actual “song” on it, I was mesmerized. I still pluck the little tune today.

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Many artists have influenced, shaped or otherwise touched me, some are: Bob Dylan, The Doobie Brothers, John Prine, Johnny Cash, SRV, John Mellencamp, Howlin’ Wolf, Paul Rodgers … the actual list would take many pages to cover.

To describe my music by “genre” would be difficult. I like many different styles of musical expression and that all comes together in my craft. I write folk, rock, blues, country, humorous songs – and even try to give Weird Al a run for his satirical money.

I play originals mostly … hey, it’s hard enough remembering the words to your own songs when you have well over 100 copyrighted, but occasionally I will throw in a cover if it so moves me.atd harp workshop

These days I teach kids how to play the harmonica through my “Art the dude’s Harmonica Workshops” at festivals.

Recently I provided this workshop at the ROMP festival sharing the bill with such artists as Merle Haggard, Sam Bush, Old Crow Medicine Show and The Punch Brothers.

My new CD will be out soon, so stay tuned … like my guitar.

Keep rockin’, bluesin’ and countryin’

Art the dude