Harmonica Workshops

Art the dude loves to introduce kids to the harmonica. He does so at festivals and gives away free harmonicas and kazoos to the children. He has held his workshops since 2012 at LARGE to small events (20,000 attendees to 100): Summer Camp Music Festival (Chillocothe, IL); ROMP (Owensboro, KY); ParksFest (Evansville, IN); W.C. Handy Blues fest (Henderson, KY); Bluegrass in the park  (Henderson, KY); Ferdinand Folk Fest (Ferdinand, IN); Music on the Hill Fest (Evansville, IN); Occufest (Lynnville, IN); and at many events, bazaars and street festivals.


ferdrockRock Emmert. Organizer Ferdinand Folk Festival.
“Art the Dude connects with kids of all ages. In his children’s harmonica workshops at our Ferdinand Folk Festival, he added tremendous enthusiasm and community spirit. His generous, inclusive nature is perfect to introduce kids to the harmonica, leading a sea of beaming, curious faces in playing brightly colored harmonicas. He also taught an adult harmonica workshop at the fest as well, and we enjoyed having him perform on our Market Stage. Art is a wonderful ambassador for sparking interest in music.”


amylogossmAmy Rivers Word-Smith.
“I’m a restaurant, bar, and live music venue owner and am highly involved with my community. I love to give back, and it is best when I’m giving back to children. So when Art the dude asked me about sponsoring his children’s harmonica workshops, I loved the idea. I purchased  the harmonicas for Art’s workshops and then the kids all get a free harmonica courtesy of my business; and a free harmonica lesson from Art the dude. To date we’ve given out nearly 2000 harmonicas/kazoos to children! Art the dude has a gift with children (and adults), and I am so grateful to be a small part of his work.”



alexparksfestAlex Mourer. ParksFest founder and organizer.
““Art the dude’s Harmonica Workshop at ParksFest is one of the best kids activities at our festival. It allows kids who might not be exposed to musical instruments a chance to see and learn about music in a really fun way. Not only do the children get a chance to learn how to play the harmonica but they actually get to take the harmonica home with them, for free. Art’s program is very fun and really engages the children. As a performer, Art the dude has been a repeat act at ParksFest. We hope to have Art the dude every year at ParksFest.”1ATDharp4alex-2a


Anna Hargis. City Council member.
“We invited Art the Dude to our neighborhood outreach event to help engage the kids. He came prepared and created a fun environment (in a very uncontrolled park setting!) for kids of all ages and musical levels. Art added a new dimension to our event and helped us make a good impression with the neighbors!”


1atd open mic1atdharpworkshop
Come join me at your favorite fest this season.

Here is a video from my very first workshop. I am playing my original song entitled “The Harmonica Song.” I let kids play along and teach them a thing or two, too. I have other original songs including blues that teach them the difference in straight harmonica (for folk- meledy) and blues harp (called cross harp). The kids get a giggle and play along with “There’s a spider on my bed.”

   ATD workshop Spring Fling

Video from my very first workshop at ROMP.                               Photomontage from SpringFling in Moultrie, GA